Monday, February 23, 2009

i think i'm getting much better at macro photography. i'll let you be the judge
i love this shot for it's almost dreamy effect.
i was actually about 1ft away from the flowers on these shots, i really like my macro lens

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buddy the stunt dog

he's learned to play fetch and to even catch things in mid air sometimes. so his new nickname is buddy the stuntdog!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

here are some more.....Joy and I were just having fun and it turned out to become a really good shoot. I enjoy landscaping and I think I will be back
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sunrise at lake lanier

for presidents day, i decided to enjoy my day off by getting up early bringing my camera and taking in some sunrise photography.....i think it was worth it
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

more of the atlantic station area

here are some more of the landscape shots we were able to get in atlantic station. i really love architectural shots and this area is full of really nice areas to photograph, I will be back at night to see how different this area can look.
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shooting with maurice at atlantic station

as i promised you ladies made the site!!!

I LOVE this shot, you gotta love how the background comes together
Today i went out with Maurice, he has a D-SLR and honestly I use it more than he does. we did some training some practice shots and hes getting a LOT better with becoming familiar with his equipment. We ran across quite a few people who asked us what we were doing or if we were doing a photo shoot. we also ran into a bunch of security rental cops who were giving us a hard time about shooting in Atlantic station. Overall I think it was a great and very very productive day, because i helped a friend understand a passion of mine and he feels much more empowered with his D-SLR.
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Friday, February 6, 2009

shooting around gsu

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candy coated

i borrowed this idea from a magazine ad

I think it came out pretty well
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random shoot with joy

she says she doesn't like taking pictures...

we were supposed to go ice skating at the rink they had in the park but it was shut down because it was too warm. so we decided to have a photoshoot instead
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I bought Joy some roses and i really didn't them to die.So I took a picture of them now she can look at them whenever she wants.
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tree summit pt 2

these are a few pictures I took right outside our apt complex, it's really a nice place to take pictures

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